Samen werken aan gezonde baby’s en blije moeders

Op weg naar een landelijk netwerk

Onlangs ontvingen we een bijzonder mailbericht van dr. Zelalem Chimdesa, CEO van het Zewditu Hospital in Addis Ababa. In dit ziekenhuis werkt ReachAnother Foundation aan een van de Centers of Excellence voor kinderen met SBH (Spina Bifida en Hydrocephalus) in Ethiopië.

Dit Center is dankzij de financiële ondersteuning van de Nederlandse Contribute Foundation inmiddels het grootste en toonaangevende ziekenhuis in Ethiopië op het gebied van de behandeling en zorg voor deze kinderen. De kennis en ervaring wordt gedeeld met andere ziekenhuizen zodat er een landelijk dekkend netwerk ontstaat.

——- Oorspronkelijke bericht ——–
Onderwerp: Re: request
Datum: 2021-05-14 12:10
Afzender: zelalem chimdesa <>
Ontvanger: ReachAnother Foundation <>

It is with great delight that I write this letter of recommendation for Reach Another Foundation (RAF) an organization which has been working with our hospital for the past ten years. I came to know the organization as the CEO of Zewditu Memorial Hospital, a government owned hospital that is in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia 2 years
and 8 months ago.

RAF has been positively involved in our Pediatric Neurosurgical practice starting from organizing and funding Surgical operation campaigns to address the unmet need of surgeries for children affected by Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus to system strengthening. A notable example of the later is introducing of data handling using Red cap Data Base in collaboration with other partners.

One of their major contribution to the hospital is also in donating medical instruments and equipment worth 100 thousand USD almost annually for the past few years. Because of those instruments and equipment, the number and qualities of surgeries that are being done in our hospital has been increasing tremendously.

In the past few years also, RAF has taken a pivotal role in helping the pediatric neurosurgical activities of Zewditu Hospital to become one of the centers of excellence in Pediatric Neurosurgery in the country. To achieve that goal RAF has helped our neurosurgical staffs to conduct the training of specialized nurses. The training was the first of its kind in the country and believed to be crucial in having a dedicated specialized nursing team and hence being able to give elevated standard of care to our patients. As part of achieving that goal recently RAF has hired a very experienced and skilled care coordinator for the hospital, which we were not able to do by ourselves because of budget constraints.

The process of becoming center of excellence in pediatric neurosurgery also involves various educational platforms in the form of experience sharing and research collaborations and again RAF has been working a great job of connecting our activities and staffs with various global stake holders.

But the work for above target has just started and we are looking forward to the continued support of RAF until that dream is fully realized.

Moreover, through our partnership with RAF, we have a first-hand experience of witnessing the above activities are not limited to our hospital and they have similar partnerships and projects all over the country.

All in all, RAF has a positive and far reaching influence in the health landscape of the country  that would benefit the children of Ethiopia and here by, our hospital would like to express the great satisfaction and honour of working with them.

Sincerely!         Zelalem Chimdesa

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